Clearwater Condos with Pets - Condos for Sale or as Rental Condominiums South West of Tampa, Florida

Clearwater condos are clearly the best condos in all of Florida! Clearwater, South West of Tampa, Florida has any number of condo amenities you may want including extras like recreation centers, health clubs and spas, allowing pets (!), security gates and checks, penthouses and of course, the option for an ocean view! If you are considering a Florida condominium, why not look into one of the many Clearwater condos available?

For a little more – you can get A LOT more – the joy of living by the waterfront as well as the confidence of knowing you are making the right choice for your health and your well-being.

Try FL condo rentals, vacation condos, time-share condos or buying your own condo yourself or with a partner. You can have the condo life- a life free of headaches like yard care, home maintenance and safety concerns. You can live in a Pet-friendly Clearwater condo. Limitless choices are available. Below is only a partial list of Clearwater condos with units available. ***Many are open to small pets of all kinds and even mid to large-sized dogs. One-bedroom, two or three bedrooms are available with balconies and a waterfront view are open to pets as well. Shop around – you can have it all.

Clearwater condos with units (most have pet-friendly units available- (**upon request):

  • Belleair Village Condominium
  • Carillon Lofts
  • Clipper Cove Condominiums
  • Cove Cay Village
  • Crescent Beach Club
  • Diamond Isle Condominium
  • Fountain Square Condominiums
  • Harbor Bluffs Condominiums
  • Harborage Condominium
  • Harbour Towne Condominiums
  • Hillcrest Villas Condominium
  • Landmark Towers at Sand Key
  • Meridian on Sand Key
  • Mission Hills Condominium
  • On Top of the World Condos
  • Pierce 100 Condominium
  • Prelude 80 Condominium
  • Raintree Village Condominium
  • Rustlewood Condos
  • Sand Pearl Sales
  • South Beach Condominiums
  • Ultimar Condominium
  • Via Verde Condos
  • Woodside Village Condominium

Try these condos – remember this is only a partial list in Clearwater. Clearwater has so many condos to choose from – you WILL find the right condominium that is perfect for you and your lifestyle!